Kendrick Lamar is literally the illest nigga in the game IMO. Im trying not to over hype him but I dont know anyone like him dudes flow is just to smooth but complex and real.




Bowl packed so tightly its like a blizzard, i can hold it upside down and it defy gravity.

Already listen to these guys but im def gonna fuck with them more because they are all so ill with it.

Dizzy Wright
Schoolboy Q
Ab Soul
Jay Rock
Chance The Rapper
Vic Mensa
Danny Brown
Flatbush Zombies

"Ask Obama if I don’t know about presidents
Keep them dead, motherfuckers resting in my money clip” -Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick trusted Obama and hoped he’d be different from previous US presidents. He’s disappointed because he realizes Obama is like any other statesmen who lies and does nothing for the citizens. So Kendrick learned that all of the presidents are the same: they look better on the paper. Playing on the fact that the presidents faces are on money. So they are “in’ his money clip.